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in hell you have to explain every one of your text posts to a sweet old lady from the 1800s

I just heard one of the most beautiful love confessions in a cartoon. It was pure poetry. 

Sailor Moon Crystal’s soundtrack is on point. Although some of the animations seem a bit too 3D, overall I enjoyed it. 

I have started the slow process of removing my things from the kitchen. I aint messing with these tricks

This post goes out to the roommate who is sure to drive me mad by the end of the summer. After countless passive-agressive notes that have been left (permanent and not so permanent) around the kitchen continues to throw pineapple skin in the recycling and won’t clean a dish after she uses it. 

Madison, this one’s for you

Plebes take notes

If you ever want to win my love through chocolate, it has to come in one of these forms:

1.  Carmello Koalas

2. Godiva Milk Chocolate

3. VA Diner Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle



***also willing to accept Ciao Bella Hibiscus and Bartlett Pear Sorbet because I am a kind and forgiving human being***


You know what else is rude yesterday on the plane I sat next to this clearly wealthy French businessman and his English wasn’t very good so I helped him fill out the landing card en français and he didn’t even give me the keys to his summer home on the Côte d’Azur like wtf ppl have no manners these days

To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about the Sailor Moon Crystal. Yes I will watch it when it comes out, but the animations look a little too cartoony 

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Venice (by opalpeterliu)